Truly happy and honored to present you this new compilation bringing together many artists the label has worked with over the past five years, as well as those we are willing to work with in the future. We are really grateful for the quality of the songs that have been given to us and proud of the diversity of the project, which represents well the ambition of MENACE.
Please find the tracklist, project information and credits below:


Menace “5”
01. Lex (De Kalhex)- Realms Unknown (@abesikian)
02. Antoine Berjeaut – Walk (@antoine_berjeaut)
03. Bugseed – Join you (@bugseed_beats)
04. Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb and S. Fidelity – Nebrasko (@undergroundcanopy, @bluestaeb, @s_fidelity)
05. Jeremy talon – Shampoo (@quintuplemojidefeu)
06. kidkanevil – Daijoubu? (@kidkanevil)
07. Plantar – Moon Flower feat. Maika Loubté (@maika_loubte)
08. Unisun – Twisted Face (@unisunofficial)
09. Charles Dollé – Valentin Vaillant (@cvdoom)
10. Maxim – Bleu (
11. Dj Mitsu the Beats – Libration (@mitsu_the_beats)
12. Hugo LX – Days In The K City (@hugolascoux)
13. Midori / Menace – One Very Important Thought (@midorimenace)
14. Takumi Kaneko – Some Echoes (@mikutakoneka)


• Release date:
Digital: from September 18th to November 20th (as singles)
Vinyl: December 11th
Pre order: link in bio


• Credits:
Painting by Jun Inoue ( )
Design by @kazuya_ito as Toi Whakairo
Mastered by @blankalfe at Kasablanka Mastering
Compiled by Mido


• Special thanks:
All the artists involved, Taro Kesen (@love_sick_bomber ) at, @satokoz François & Théo Bigwax Distribution, I See Colors…


• Distribution
Digital: FUGA
Vinyl: @bigwaxdistribution


MENACE l MN007 l 2020